“I’m Carlfred and I’m the creator of IGETITIN Fitness, and I believe that everyone can achieve the body they have always wanted.”

Who is Carlfred Giles

Before I continue, let me introduce myself. My name is Carlfred Giles, and I currently reside in Monroe, LA.

I’m a health and fitness trainer and author and through my e-books, it is my desire to help millions of people to lose weight, build muscle, and stay healthy.

My goal is to turn that number into hundreds of millions.

What is IGETITIN Fitness?

IGETITIN Fitness is a culture, a movement, a thinking, a lifestyle of spiritual fulfillment, mindset illumination, nutritional and physical fitness.

Overweight people want to be thinner. Thin people want to be stronger. Strong people want to be healthier. Healthy people want to stay that way and keep their families healthy too. Even folks that are already fit, happy, and healthy probably didn’t end up that way by accident, so they are very likely going to be interested in learning more about their bodies and keeping fit.

Visit this site regularly to stay motivated in your goals, and to learn practical tips that you can immediately use to improve your training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

IGETITIN Fitness is my blog, and also a community “grazing area” for people that are interested in learning how to not only achieve their fitness potential but live long healthy lives.  And IGETITIN Fitness is where I attempt to enlighten, educate and entertain readers with my ebooks, articles, videos, and podcasts.

The Transformation of Carlfred

I was tired of being fat, overweight, high-blood pressure, bad eating etc. My kids were making fun of my stomach and booty.

It started with a part time job at a new local fitness facility, learning and researching right and wrong about eating, resting and supplementing from the gurus.

I am still learning and loving life.

Along the way, my friends noticed the improvements in my physique, and I began training them.

After doing this with my “clients” (I never asked for money—I just had them come train with me) started urging me to write a book. IGETITIN fitness was born.

With education from Mike Matthews and others, I saved an untold amount of money, time, and frustration, and I achieved my ideal physique and still going. I really enjoyed helping people with what I had learned, and what if I could help thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people?

Where to Now?

My new found passion is researching and writing, so I’ll always be working on another book, my blog, and whatever else my writing adventures bring my way.

My plan is simple and three major targets:

  1. Help tons of people get fit and healthy. And it goes beyond just helping people look good—I want to effect what we’re seeing in obesity and mortality.
  2. Educate the benefits of spiritual, nutritional and physical fitness. 
  3. Enrich the lives of the fitness community from beginners to advanced with expert knowledge. Build community, network with fitness influencers, experts and establish a powerful fitness academy offering training and certifications.

Well, I want to be a force for change.

Well, I would like to be the coffee and not the water! How?

By offering excellent products and services that you want. That is, products that only use ingredients with scientifically proven ingredients, and that use clinically effective dosages; that have no added artificial junk; and that are marketed in an honest, transparent way. And that’s why I use and support my trusted partner Legion Supplements, Backed by Science, Prove by You. Mike Matthews is doing a wonderful job with Muscle for Life and his bold claim is: My supplements are the best value on the market today, and they’re going to set a new standard by which all other supplements are judged.

What Else?

While I’m a certified (FiTour Primary and Advance Personal Trainer* and US Army Master Fitness Trainer 1993), incurable workaholic, there is more to my life than my love for web development, digital marketing, lifting heavy things and eating good food.


  • US Army Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Certified Online Trainer
  • FiTour Certified Primary & Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Currently enrolled in the ACE Certified Personal Trainer


  • Fitness Associate – Planet Fitness
  • Personal Trainer at Camden Holly Springs Gym
  • Master Fitness Trainer – US Army
  • Health and fitness speaker

I like hanging out with my lovely wife, Toyia, and all my beautiful daughters, Ashley (www.pure-niche.com), Megan, Brittany, Ashlee, Amiya and Hailee.

I’m a pretty avid reader, and am interested in all kinds of stuff from “truthful” history to self-help to marketing and entrepreneurship to design and development and online business building to ecommerce.

Just thought you wanted to know: We have one TV in our house and always will.

How to Get In Touch

I think it’s incredibly important to stay in touch with readers, followers, and fans, so my inbox is always open.

First off, you can find me on the usual social media haunts:

Stop by, say hello, and Like or Follow if you like and want to follow me and my work.

I spend lots of hours every day (including the weekends!) reading and replying to as many emails and messages and I can. Please don’t be offended if I can’t get to yours. If only I could read and type faster!

That said, you can increase your chances of getting a reply by doing the following:

  • Search my website to see if I’ve already written an article that answers your question.
  • Avoid medical questions. I’m not a doctor and can’t help you treat any type of disease.
  • I can’t offer free one-on-one coaching, so if you want to know more about how to create a proper diet or training plan to build muscle and lose fat, I highly recommend you order and read my ebook “Eating For A Healthy Life!” on sale now for only $7 immediate download.
    This powerful tool will provide you with everything you need to know to be a success and achieve your goal of getting healthy to a successful place. With this product, and it’s great information on eating right it will walk you, step by step, through the exact process we developed to help people get all the info they need to be a success.
  • Please keep your emails as brief as possible so I can give my time to as many as possible. The more questions you ask in a single email, the less likely I will be able to answer any of them.

* FitOUR is a Nationally Recognized certification organization and accredited by the American Council on Fitness Education, as well as, seeking accreditation from other more appropriate organizations.

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