50 Plus Fitness Trainer

More and more seniors are exercising these days – they are beginning to realize the importance of weight training and their health. IGETITIN Fitness makes sure that training and nutrition can be used to promote healthier living.

Have you looked around the gym lately? There are more and more seniors exercising these days. They are beginning to realize the importance of weight training and their health. We know that a weight-bearing exercise promotes healthy strong bones, and also keeps calcium in the bone. It’s never too late to start exercising. You’ve heard the phrase: “Better late than never.” Well it’s true.

The sooner we start on a program, the sooner we see the benefit and results. Our oldest member is eighty-seven. If you ask him how he is doing, his reply is always “I feel wonderful.” I know a big part of his attitude is because he is training a couple times per week. He has been a member for several years now. This man has also had a complete knee replacement and is still going strong.

The first thing I would suggest for a senior is to get a complete physical and medical clearance from your doctor. Next is finding a place to exercise. I would recommend a small, no frills gym that has a complete weight training area and a complete cardio area. Hire a trainer to get you started so you don’t injure yourself. Always  have fun, because if it’s not fun, it’s not getting done!


 Meet with Carlfred Giles our IGETITIN Fitness Director to go over your health history & fitness goals, and discuss your personalized fitness program.


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