Melvin’s passion for health and fitness stems back to an early age; at 20 years old. This has meant that from a young age, good habits have continually been an integral of his lifestyle with regards to weight training and nutrition.

After finishing school Melvin worked started working on his craft, his body! For 8 years, laying the foundation of knowledge that Melvin has today.

Melvin began his own business as a self employed Personal Trainer helping hundreds of clients from all different fitness levels reach their goals. Throughout a working week Melvin spends his time working with a broad spectrum of clients first time gym users, physique competitors to elite sportsmen/ women.

Since 2008 Melvin has continuously invested in his Personal development studying and learning from some of the leading names in the industry. Melvin is a qualified Golds Gym Trainer

Extremely passionate about his job and strongly believing in the moto “practice what you preach” Melvin strives to lead by example to all his clients. In April 2013 he was crowned The Strongest Man at Golds Gym and is looking to become a Sponsored Athlete with one of the Worlds Leading Supplement Companies.

Today in addition to his online personal training business Melvin offers 1:1 coaching sessions to clients of all fitness levels and experience at Moore’s Gym.